I’m moving on from Beepl #startuplife

It was a fun ride while it lasted (if a little short).

Today, I’m sad to say that I’ve stepped down as Beepl CEO and will no longer be involved in the running of the company, although – in the interests of full disclosure – I remain a minority shareholder. I can’t comment further on the reasons why but I will say that I’m proud of what the team built and what we achieved and grateful to have been given the opportunity to be part of it. I also wish Beepl the very best in the future and look forward to seeing what’s next.

As for what’s next for me? I’m currently talking to lots of people and weighing up some options but have nothing concrete to announce today. Frankly, I need to catch my breath first. I may even find time to finally work on a book idea I’ve had bubbling away for a while.

Thanks for being part of my #startuplife journey. Onwards and upwards.


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